5 Relationship Lessons I learnt from Love is Blind Netflix

Abbie T
3 min readApr 9, 2020

I learnt a few things watching Love is Blind, I thought I’d share.

  1. Your attitude going in: I am naturally cynical and it can ruin your life. Watching this show I realised your attitude going into any process can serve you well or sink you. If I had gone on this show I would have assumed we were all there to get more Instagram followers or as I now see it, I could go in and believe I will find someone.
  2. No Distractions: Phones get in the way. Being able to give someone your full attention and not be distracted by your thoughts on what they’re wearing or doing with their eyes or having to go to the bathroom and check this status or look at updates, not having to text or call someone but getting to spend real intimate time with them. Seeing the bonds the couples were able to form and knowing they must have spent hours having REAL conversations. I know minimising distractions if you can is a gift.
  3. Don’t worry too much about criteria: sometimes a person has qualities you didn’t even know you were looking for. Holding onto a checklist may cost you. Some of my best relationships surprise me, in that my idea of what works got shifted completely by the qualities the other person had. Its OK to not live and die by your preferences, case in point Lauren and Giannina seemed like two people who would normally have not chosen the person they ended up with.
  4. Vulnerability : these contestants were so vulnerable, the things they were admitting to, opening up to. As a Brit schooled in the keep it to yourself school, it was horrifying to watch gung-ho Americans just putting it all out there but it helped to see that if you’re serious about finding Love, you need to be Vulnerable and show who you really are.

5. Love the person not just how gorgeous they are: It goes without saying, but being able to fall in love with a person’s spirit is a special thing. Looks can skew things so strongly but I loved seeing couples relate to each other more on their personality than their immediate first impressions.

If we could transport this dating concept into real life dating situations it would be interesting to see who people would pick just based on a series of conversations without having seen the person at all. Obviously real life can take over and you can realise someone isn’t for you once you spend physical time with them but as another way to date, I would love to see the kind of relationship matches and bonds that would be built through dating someone you have only spoken to and not seen beforehand. For a dating show, I think Love is Blind really tapped into something with its idea of getting to know someone through the wall instead of the mirror.