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Only Millennials could make a choice for emotional health over autocracy.

Harry and Meghan announced Wednesday that they are stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family. They feel pushed to this after intrusive media scrutiny and lack of Palace support. They have said they will split their time between North America and Britain, supporting the Royal Family but earning their own private income.

For many this is seen as betrayal of duty and a breaking up of the Royal Family. For me, it’s just typical Millennial behaviour. You know, Millennials — the group of people born from 1980…

Lately I find myself surrounded by people who don’t align with my values at all. I don’t understand why this keeps happening. From family members to service staff. What is it I am doing that makes these people think I enjoy their company?

Theres so much pain when you’re with these people as well. Pain they inflict on you. Pain they must be in to not be able to notice the affect their actions are having on people. Pain i worry I am going to absorb and become ok with and repeat the same patterns. Pain I have to be…

What scientists are saying happens if you eat too much Omega-6 and what you can do to improve your Omega-3:Omega-6 ratio

by Justin Casey

Omega 3,6 and 9 get a lot of press as they help maintain a lot of processes in the body. We try to eat them or take a good supplement but did you know most of us consume too much Omega 6?

Omega 6 is essential in small quantities. It is a polyunsaturated fat that our body cannot produce so we need to ensure we take in an adequate amount from our diet. …

In a previous article I wrote about Meghan and Harry being Millenial Royals, that is Royals who in keeping with Millenial trends are looking to be more emotionally healthy than their predecessors. I empathised with the couple, feeling like many Millenials that it isn’t worth it to stay in situations that don’t allow for the life you want to lead. Now their interview with Oprah has left them labelled as Millenials often are, spoilt, whiney, overindugled. Are they being Oversensitive or are there real issues at play? Can the Royal Family really be accused of Racism?

Meghan brings up two…

Omega-3 are a type of fatty acid. They are unsaturated fats that we need to survive. The body can’t make them on its own so Omega-3 has to come from the foods we consume. Studies indicate that Omega-3 fatty acids can protect against all sorts of illnesses, including breast cancer, depression, ADHD and various inflammatory diseases.

You might already feel that you eat enough Omega 3 or are taking a supplement so you should be fine but did you know you may not be getting the right Omega 3! There are three forms of Omega 3 fatty acid, Alpha-linolenic acid…

With the rise of COVID and talks about vaccinations I have been wondering exactly how effective are vaccinations? Looking around the web I found various bits of information, this is Part 1 of my study.

I watched the above video and it showed me that flu vaccines are worth having, but you also need to adopt other preventative measures.

The video suggests 4 methods to stop you catching a flu virus:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Don’t touch your face (the nose and mouth are entry points for a flu like virus).
  3. Avoid infected people (yes the man openly coughing who…

If you’re looking to list for a particular keyword you need to ensure that your webpage is added to Googles Index for that keyword. The Google Index is Googles stored collection of webpages for a particular term.

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

If you get into Googles index for a keyword it means being featured in their search results.

When you do a Google search say for ‘need new lightbulb’ — Google will reach into its index to find a list of websites that answer your query.

To get onto this list you need to be found by Google’s crawlers.

Web crawlers also known as…

Improving Search Engine Optimisation by providing a SiteMap.

A sitemap with blue boxes and pink background, the kind submitted to Google Search so crawlers find your website

Submitting a sitemap will improve your rankings in Google Search, especially if you are a new website with few if any backlinks. When deciding which websites to list for a users search query Google looks at websites with authority and websites with sitemaps provided by website owners.

A sitemap is a filepage where you provide information about the pages, videos and other files on your site and how each relates to the other.

A sitemap tells Google which pages and files you want to be visited on your site. A sitemap also…

The Google Index is Googles stored collection of websites.

Getting into Googles index means being featured in their search results.

When you do a Google search say ‘need new lightbulb’ — Google will reach into its index to find a list of websites that answer your query.

To get onto this list you need to be found by Googles crawlers.

Web crawlers also known as Spiders will already have a list of web adresses from past crawls and sitemaps provided by website owners.

If you’re not already in Googles index, you will have to get websites that are on the…

We’re all going to die.

Do you care where you will end up?

I don’t — but during prayer while telling God how little I care about Him and His message, he told me it doesn’t matter if you care — the simple facts are you will die/I am coming back, and its up to you where you end up. Euuurgh, what a heavy topic. …

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