Getting into Google’s Index

Abbie T
2 min readAug 3, 2020


The Google Index is Googles stored collection of websites. It is a list or database of websites, and you need your business to be on that list.

Getting into Googles index means being featured in their search results. If you’re not on the list, your website will never appear when customers search for your product.

When a user carries out a Google search for something e.g. ‘new lightbulb’ — Google will reach into its index to find a selection of websites that answer the query.

To be one of the websites in the selection you need to first be found by Googles crawlers.

Web crawlers also known as Spiders will already have gathered a selection of websites from past crawls and sitemaps provided by website owners.

If you’re not already in Googles index, you will have to get websites that are on the list to feature you.

Crawlers visit these pages already on the list-or selection and use links they find on these pages to discover other sites, hopefully yours!

The crawler will visit web pages containing information about new lightbulbs, it will then follow the links on those pages, the additional links found on the followed pages will then also be added to Googles index and so on and so on until crawlers build a selection of pages containing information about the suggested topic — in this case new lightbulbs.

The crawler now has an index of pages stored on the Google servers, waiting for a query linked to that information. Its important to get onto Googles index but the real battle is to get Google to list you on the first page of its search results.